How to Purchase a Furnace for your Jacksonville Home

Replacing your old heating system with a newer and more efficient furnace can help to offset energy prices that are volatile. In addition to saving money, the furnaces available these days pollute less and raise your comfort level through producing heat on a steadier basis compared to old furnaces. The common heating fuel for furnaces […]

Avoid These Common Mistakes When Installing Gutters

Do you want to install and hang gutters yourself? If so, you need to be careful. There are many mistakes you can make that can damage your home or put your safety at risk. Here are five of the most common mistakes DIYers make when installing gutters and the best way to avoid them. 1. […]

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Replacing Your Roof

One of the most important components of your home is your roof, which prevents water from entering your building. Nobody enjoys paying for a new roof. However, the importance of the roof and its aesthetic function should help lessen the pain of spending thousands of dollars on replacing it. With that said, here are a […]

What You Need to Know About Attic Ventilation

There are not many things that are as misunderstood like attic ventilation is. Basically, all ventilation is about is air that circulates to reduce moisture levels and keep things fresh. In the US, about 90% of homes have levels of moisture that are unreasonably high. Understanding whether or not your home would benefit from some […]

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