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Blue Chip Roofing — Your No. 1 Choice For Commercial Roof Repair in Homestead, FL

Blue Chip Roofing has just entered the construction market but has already made a name for itself for its high quality commercial roof repair in Homestead, FL. We have gained the respect of many residential and commercial building owners because of our dedication to delivering high quality services and durable commercial roofing products. Through the years, we have grown our clientele, thanks to our speedy response to customers’ inquiries and service requests, superb service, and cost-effective repair deals.

Why Is It Important to Hire a Commercial Roofing Company like Blue Chip Roofing in Homestead, FL?

It is wise to contact a good commercial roofing company as soon as you see any signs of trouble. The roofs of commercial buildings, especially the high-rise ones, are often subjected to torrential rains, hailstorm, snow, and strong winds aside from continuous exposure to extreme heat and cold. These can damage roofs and rack up repair costs. To make sure that you get the best services, you must know which commercial roofing contractor you need to work with. Our company only uses top-of-the-line materials, so you can be sure that your repaired or newly installed roofing system will last for a long time. Subjected to extreme weather conditions for years, these roofs undergo wear and tear, which could lead to serious damages. Blue Chip Roofing is now the town’s most trusted roofing contractor. Hence, it is your best choice.

Maintain Your Roof and Save Money with the Help of Blue Chip Roofing

Your commercial roofing contractor must be someone you can trust. We also respond fairly quickly to every service request. The roof serves a lot of purpose. It is a very important component of a house. It can improve the structure’s overall physical appeal, protect the interiors from harsh weather conditions, and keep everyone inside comfortable. Because roofs play a key role in ensuring your safety and comfort, you must choose a reliable and professional contractor to ensure the best service. Families often take their roof for granted since they can’t see it from the inside and simply assume that it’s always there to provide them protection. All our products and services are reasonably-priced. They also come with a quick response guarantee. And when you call, expect us to be there at the soonest time possible. Good to know, there is Blue Chip Roofing in Homestead, FL, which is committed to ensure that your property is protected.

Ask Our Commercial Roofing Company in Homestead, FL to Help You Today

Our friendly customer representatives are available 24/7 to answer any of your commercial roof repair queries. You may ask for price estimates or request for a roof inspection service. We can provide you with a detailed price quotation for free. Contact (786) 226-9240 today so we can get started with your project in Homestead, FL.

Various Roofing Systems for Your Every Need in Homestead, FL

Our experts strongly recommend for you to use metal roofs, EPDM roofs and Thermoplastic Polyolefin or TPO roofs. TPO stands for thermoplastic polyolefin, and EPDM stands for Ethylene Propolyne Diene Terpolymer.

Why You Should Try Using TPO Roofs for Your Homes and Other Properties in Homestead, FL

TPO roofs are made from binding ethylene propylene and polyprophylene. It is strong and resilient, even when it is extremely hot or cold. With proper maintenance, TPO roofs can last for about 20 years or so. This type of roofing material is among the top choices of property owners in the city because of its durability.

What to Expect from Corrugated Metal Roofs and Why You Must Use This Material for Your Homestead, FL Property

Corrugated metal roofs are widely used now because they are tough and can last a long time. It can withstand the impact of objects such as stones and tree branches that fall on it. They can last about three decades if properly maintained. Metal roofs are also fire-resistant since they are made from non-combustible materials. Metal roofs can also better withstand a fire because it is non-combustible. It is also highly resistant to extreme weather conditions such as hail and snow during winter and extreme heat during summer. Another advantage of metal roofs is that their rippled shape makes it reflect more light and heat from the sun. This repels heat from getting inside your home interior. Thus, you’ll be able to save money by consuming less energy to cool your home.

Pros and Cons of Using EPDM Roofs and Reasons Why Experts in Homestead, FL Prefer This Material

Lots of rooftops in America and Canada use EPDM rubber. This material is made of ethylene and propylene, which come from natural gas and oil. Given all these characteristics, it comes as no surprise why this type of roof material has become the choice of many contractors and those involved in the construction industry. Its primary ingredients are ethylene and propylene, which are both resultant from natural gas and oil. EPDM roofing is easy to install and maintain. You can find all these great features in this roofing material.


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