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When looking for high-quality work while on a budget, Blue Chip Roofing is your guaranteed trustworthy and skilled metal roofing contractor in Mesquite, TX. Our roofing solutions are wise investments for your home or business due to their stability and for requiring little to no maintenance. Do not be surprised when you find out that installing metal roofs can end up costlier than installing other roofing materials. It is the labor cost that is more expensive, and not the material itself. There are many other roofing materials that have sprouted over the years, but metal roofs remain a top choice. They make a more practical choice, to begin with. Plus, they can withstand the test of time with just a bit of an effort on your part.

Our Steel Roofing Experts Are Licensed to Work in Mesquite, TX

Trust Blue Chip Roofing to come fully equipped with licenses, certifications, and skills, guaranteeing your safety and utmost satisfaction in Mesquite, Texas. Do not make the mistake of choosing a mediocre contractor just because you do not want to pay a higher price for professional services; you will only end up regretting it. We make it a point to provide insurance coverage for our employees. You can only yield maximum returns when you deal with a licensed contractor because you their guaranteed quality work.

Free Price Estimate for Metal Roof Installation and Repair

Quality workmanship must be factored in, and this, we can assure you our emergency roofing contractors can very well provide. Request us for a computation of how much you will be spending for commercial or Mesquite residential roofing. Call us now and we can give you a price quotation on the type of job you require, whether it’s for commercial or residential needs.

Call Blue Chip Roofing Now To Serve Your Residential Metal Roofing Requirements in Mesquite, TX!

We believe we do not have to sacrifice one for the other. Contact Blue Chip Roofing now so we can send over our team to your location in Mesquite, TX immediately. You can call anytime of the day because our lines are open 24/7. Don’t wait for your roofing problem to get worse; call Blue Chip Roofing today so we can send in our team of experts to your area in Mesquite, TX.

Metal Roof Repair Services Need Not Be Expensive! Contact Blue Chip Roofing Now

Roof leaks are dangerous because they can cause an electric shock if they damage your appliances, for instance. They can also destroy carpets, furniture and sofas. You cannot simply seal the leaks without going into the rest of the structures of your roofing system. It is not wise to DIY the repair job because this requires expertise. Never try to repair the damage yourself, especially if you have no idea of the structural integrity of your roof or ceiling. Call on our experts to get the job done right.

Enjoy Our Qualified Metal Roofing Services in Mesquite, TX

We understand that most home owners put off repairs or re-installations for fear of huge expenses. After we install or repair your roof, we subject it to our own brand of stress test. This ensures that when we leave your property, your roof is leak-proof, structurally sound, and will last for a lifetime. Our affiliation with premium manufacturers in Mesquite, TX means you get the best materials for your home at fair prices.

Do Your Part for the Environment by Choosing Metal Roofing Systems

Yes, an asphalt roof may be less expensive, but it is not made for the long haul, and it can rack up costs for repair or replacement. Imagine the savings when you practically don’t have to worry about the roof over your head for 50 or more years? However, a metal roofing system will likely cost less 10 years from now. That’s because you need to replace asphalt every 10-15 years.

Choosing Aluminum Roofing Materials for Your Home in Mesquite, TX

Aluminum roof sheets are extremely resistant to fires and sparks when hit by lightning, and they can be installed by our metal roofing experts. This characteristic is also beneficial if you are living in an area vulnerable to wildfires. The only drawback to aluminum is that they have a tendency to expand and contract depending on the temperature. They won’t come apart even with winds of up to 120-130 miles per hour, and they are energy efficient.


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