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Local Metal Roofing Contractors Promise 100% Satisfaction in St. Petersburg, FL

Our metal roofing contractors here at Blue Chip Roofing are always ready for any repair, installation and replacement needs. The installation of metal roofs is actually more expensive compared to that of other roofing materials, but a good chunk of this goes to labor cost. It’s quite tricky to install metal shingles and sheets, especially the large panels. We offer practical solutions that are durable and guaranteed to give you the best value for your money. How else do you think the contractor can expand the margin of profit? By finding the cheapest material possible.

It Pays To Work With Duly Licensed and Insured Steel Roofing Contractors in St. Petersburg, FL

You can't dismiss the importance of having a license or certification to provide service in St. Petersburg, FL. Rest assured that all our personnel is covered by insurance. We are also required to take out insurance on our workers, which means they are our liability, not yours. You are probably thinking that you can save a lot more by hiring the services of a contractor who is not well-established in the business yet, but we know, for a fact, that this often leads to costly mistakes. Others may quote a very low price for roof repair and installation but Blue Chip Roofing can offer a warranty.

We Can Help Save You Money on a New Metal Roof Installation

Our emergency roofing contractors, meanwhile, will explain the reasons to you in case there are changes in the job. To save money, we don’t have to take down your old roof. That will quicken our pace and help you avoid more labor costs. We continually upgrade our equipment to cope with the demands of the industry and the challenges of technology. We have invested a lot of money to purchase the most modern equipment and tools in the industry to make sure that our clients only receive the best service.

Call on Blue Chip Roofing About Your Residential Metal Roofing Needs

An ocular inspection is very important so that our metal roofing contractors can provide you with a free estimate of the expected expenses. Call Blue Chip Roofing’s hotline, and before long, our qualified team will be at your doorstep. Contact Blue Chip Roofing now so we can send over our team to your location in St. Petersburg, FL immediately. Don’t wait for your roofing problem to get worse; call Blue Chip Roofing today so we can send in our team of experts to your area in St. Petersburg, FL.

Metal Roof Repair Services Need Not Be Expensive! Contact Blue Chip Roofing Now

Is your roof leaking? Don’t delay in calling us immediately. When we come in, we will assess the integrity of the roof, the beams, underlayment, trusses, overhang, gutter and every nook and cranny of your roofing system. Your whole roofing system might be in danger of caving in. You may have patched the crack or hole, but you haven’t addressed the bigger issue. Before we even begin to replace your roof, we conduct a thorough assessment first to make sure the steel or wooden foundation beneath the metal sheets are still strong. There are cases when we have to tear down the old roof to avoid compromising the metal sheets. For instance, metal over asphalt will accelerate the lifespan of your new roof due to rusting.

How Much Are You Expected to Spend for Metal Roofing Services in St. Petersburg, FL?

After we install or repair your roof, we subject it to our own brand of stress test. This ensures that when we leave your property, your roof is leak-proof, structurally sound, and will last for a lifetime. We never consider our work done without testing the roof for leaks. This helps to give you peace of mind, knowing that you are not going to encounter the same or similar problems with your roof for a long time. The costs vary, of course.

Want to Shift to a Metal Roofing System? Leave it to Us

You can also save money on your electricity bill because they are energy efficient. If you want even bigger savings in the long run, Blue Chip Roofing suggests that you choose zinc or copper, which will last a century. Blue Chip Roofing highly recommends sheet metal roofing as opposed to asphalt roof which requires consistent repairs and maintenance. However, a metal roofing system will likely cost less 10 years from now. That’s because you need to replace asphalt every 10-15 years.

Choosing Aluminum Roofing Materials for Your Home in St. Petersburg, FL

Our professional and efficient metal roofing experts are guaranteed to work on your property as if it were their own. Aluminum roofing when properly installed allows better air passage, which lowers energy consumption by as much as 20%. Also, improper roof installation can cause water to pool, and this can be dangerous to the roof if not attended to right away. Pools of water may also collect on your roof if the aluminum sheets are not properly installed.


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