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Foolproof Roofing Installation From The Expert Metal Roofing Contractors in Hollywood, FL

You will never go wrong when you hire Blue Chip Roofing as your metal roofing contractors in Hollywood, FL to handle your commercial or residential roofing needs. Metal roofs are extremely versatile and can be fabricated into almost any design, which is why they are the favorite of architects and engineers. They are also cost-effective in the long run because of their lifespan compared to the other materials which may need replacement every 10 years or so. The material is extremely low maintenance so the homeowner can really save money. A metal roof requires very low maintenance and they can last for many, many years if regularly maintained. When up against other roofing materials, metal roofs are not a cheap option if you are to include the cost of labor to set them up. The labor cost is quite high due to the difficulty of the job.

Our Steel Roofing Professionals are Licensed and Insured in Hollywood, FL

You can't dismiss the importance of having a license or certification to provide service in Hollywood, FL. We make it a point to provide insurance coverage for our employees. You can expect a hazard free environment while we are working on your property. You are probably thinking that you can save a lot more by hiring the services of a contractor who is not well-established in the business yet, but we know, for a fact, that this often leads to costly mistakes.

Free Price Estimate for Metal Roof Installation and Repair

Far from being prohibitive, our emergency roofing contractors can provide you with the service you deserve at a surprisingly good price. When they find major damage on the wooden beam, for instance, that will add to the final price. To save money, we don’t have to take down your old roof. That will quicken our pace and help you avoid more labor costs. Yes, the cost of services may be a significant factor in your decision, but it should not be the only thing you must consider.

Call Blue Chip Roofing Now for All Your Residential Metal Roofing Needs!

Be it a roof replacement job, a repair, or a new installation, our team can do what is required. Our customer care representatives are ready to assist you anytime. Call us today! Our courteous customer service agents are waiting for your call, whenever you decide to do so. Call us today! Our metal roofing contractors can assure of affordable service without sacrificing quality.

Why Suffer from Leaks When You Can Hire Inexpensive Metal Roof Repair Services from Blue Chip Roofing?

Do not attempt to fix roof issues simply to avoid incurring expenses as this may result in bigger problems or even cause danger to you and your family. Further postponing the inevitable will only increase the repair or replacement costs. You may think about making the repairs yourself, but you may be putting yourself in danger especially if you have no idea whether the beams and trusses can still hold your weight. A leak could be a symptom of a much larger problem. Metal roofs can be installed even during heavy snow without sustaining any setbacks.

Here’s What You Get By Availing Yourself Of Our Professional Metal Roofing Services in Hollywood, FL

It’s safe to say that you may spend around $7.00 to $10.00 per square foot for a standard metal shingle roof installed. Our affiliation with premium manufacturers in Hollywood, FL means you get the best materials for your home at fair prices. You can have peace of mind with the knowledge that we go above and beyond to ensure our customers are happy.

Our Contractors are Skilled in Installation or Repair of All Metal Roofing Systems

Changing your roof from asphalt to metal sheets will save you a lot of money in the long run. You can also save money on your electricity bill because they are energy efficient. If you want even bigger savings in the long run, Blue Chip Roofing suggests that you choose zinc or copper, which will last a century. We can guide you on the requirements and the process of switching from asphalt roofing to a more sustainable metal roofing system.

Aluminum Roofing Installation and Repair in Hollywood, FL

Metal roofing experts like us are well-versed on any type of tin sheet, and what they need to breathe. Also, improper roof installation can cause water to pool, and this can be dangerous to the roof if not attended to right away. One characteristic of this roofing component is that it expands during high summer and contracts at the cold of winter, which puts an incredible strain on the material. For as long as the metal roof is set up properly, it can last a long time, amidst strong storms, and you will get to enjoy savings from your monthly bills, too.


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