The Perils of a Leaky Roof

I’ll do it tomorrow is the sentiment most of us have when looking at the household to-do list, especially after a long week at work. Surely, the shutters can wait until next week or next year to be replaced. It’s probably fine, other than being an eye sore. No one will get hurt, and it saves some money in the monthly budget.

Damaged Roof Shingles Repair

Now, that roof leak is not something to stall on fixing. As it turns out a roof leak can cause a lot of damage. For most homeowners, what water run amok within a home can do is simply astonishing and surprising.

Put the repair of that leaky roof on the top of the list, and get right on it. Here’s the reasons why. There’s different reasons roofs leak. It may be because of bad installation of roofing, as a consequence of storm damage or high winds, and even because of neglecting maintenance. What many homeowners forget about is the roof itself needs attention. They only typically last between 20 to 30 years. The unfortunate truth is that many times the roof just needs to be replaced.

Leaky roofs pose safety and health risks because it causes the perfect environment for mold to grow. Water is very unruly. Once it finds a way into the roofing, it will work its way into the walls, ceilings, and up and under the roof into the eaves. It can even find its way into the foundation.

In the case of water coming into the home’s structure, it will expand and contract, which causes cracks to develop. That is not good news for the foundation of a home. If it is time to repair or replace the roof, know that it is time to do it ASAP.

1. Attic Damage

The first victim of the leaky roof is the attic. Think of all that you have stored in there. Those items will probably need to be tossed or cleaned, if the water makes it into the attic. Many attics are also insulated. When insulation gets wet, it also needs to be replaced. If the water sits on the wood too long, the wood that makes up the very structure of your home may rot. When that happens, the wood needs to be replaced.

Now, you may be saying, “But, I don’t have an attic.” That is not good news either. If you do not have an attic, then the ceiling inside your home will be the most impacted. You may notice water stains, a gross smell, and the bubbling and peeling of the ceiling paint. Plaster may chip off at a fast clip. The other unfortunate consequence of water damage in the ceiling is that it may impact ceiling lights and ceiling fans.

2. Mildew And Mold

There’s nothing worse than experiencing sick building syndrome. Suddenly everyone in the house is always sick with some lingering and hard-to-pinpoint “bug” that will not go away. That’s the tell tale sign that the people in your home are allergic to mold, and, well, that mold has grown in the home. Mold is wily because it may spread throughout your home, embedding itself in the duct work and HVAC system. The mold may infest carpeting and furniture, as well as clothing.

The worst of it is the toxic black mold that can cause cancers and irreversible neurological conditions. Overall mold is very bad news, because it grows everywhere, and is expensive to have removed.

3. Sick Building Syndrome

Mold causes bad health issues, particularly for those who are allergic or have a sensitivity to it. It might cause consistent congestion, a running nose, and worsen asthma symptoms. Mold spores is great at spreading itself, which will worsen allergies and asthma.

4. Fire Damage, But It’s Water Damage!

If you are thinking that water damage will prevent fires, you could not be more wrong. Remember that the water can come in and go anywhere. That means the water may find its way into the electrical wiring of your home. It can actually cause wires to short out, which may ignite a fire.

5. Slip Sliding Away

Another unfortunate surprise water in the house can cause is water pooling on the floor. If you are not aware there’s a leaky roof, you might find a puddle the bad way — by slipping and falling in it.

6. Energy Bills Increase

Remember how the insulation can get ruined? It will impact the insulation’s ability to work right, which means your utility bills will go up. The increase in utility bills will probably be a constant because insulation takes a very long time to dry out. By the time it dries out, it will probably rain or snow again, re-exposing the insulation to water.

7. Shaky Structures

The very framing of your home can be severely damaged by water. Rotting frames are bad news, because it may require structural repairs. If water is allowed to get down into the walls then you will need to replace portions of your home. It’s a lot more expensive to rebuild your home than to fix a roof leak, or even to replace the roof.

There’s many reason to get that roof leak squared away. Save your family from serious illness, and save your home from destruction.

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